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Corey Teramana is an Industry Leader in Personal Development & Entrepreneurial Success

As an award-winning author, public speaker and coach, I’m a highly impactful personal development leader helping people create mastery levels of personal empowerment, wellness & success.

Fueled by my personal successes in overcoming various learning disabilities, Tourette’s syndrome, PTSD, unhealthy self-esteem, depression and times of poverty… I bring a crystal clear message to the world that “YOU CAN DO IT” because “YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES” and because “YOU’RE WORTH IT.”

One of My Mission’s is to help people feel great and Thrive in their lives with:

  • a healthy self-image and positive outlook on life
  • a purpose led and fulfilling career
  • powerfully loving win-win relationships and
  • an intimate connection with God.

It’s 100% possible for anyone to achieve this and more regardless of current circumstances or resources.



“The intention of my work is for you to live the life you dream about while creating an abundance of money, freedom and opportunity through your higher purpose passions and projects!”


This level of Thriving means you’re experiencing well rounded Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment.

  • You’re highly impactful, effective, and successful because you’re connected to why you do what you do and how you do it.
  • You’re focused on curing your internal landscape because it exponentially builds your external environment.
  • You’re committed to your success and well-being while gratefully contributing to the success and betterment of others around you.

To assist in this manner, my teams offers a wide range of products, services and leadership opportunities designed to help people Thrive in their personal and entrepreneurial lives.

Since 2006, I’ve helped thousands of people build the mental framework and personal identities to support the lives they’re deeply called to live… and with my team, have led transformational events for thousands more.

One of my latest books, the User Guide for Thriving, has over 10,000 copies in circulation and my first book titled, How to Be Your Own Best Friend, has changed the mold of how people will view their own lives, capabilities and what’s possible forever.

I’m also a strong supporter of the Children’s Medical Assistance Charity which supports the increasing number of uninsured children here in Southern Nevada.

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